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Paul Roberts, Practice Administrator

Metropolitan Orthopedics

 Medical Billing, EHR and Revenue Cycle Management Client Testimonials - Paul Roberts, Practice Administrator

"Metro Ortho is a 5 physician 2 office orthopedic group. Precision was engaged to start the process of "taking our practice paperless" and the results have been tremendous. First, our office network was significantly upgraded by Precision. Then, all of our physicians went wireless in both of our offices and from home. Our dictation workflow was then automated via an EHR to Dragon interface and we are now scanning, generating e-files or receiving e-faxes for all documents that we formerly archived in paper form. We have now completed our transition to electronic health records. Precision has also provided strong tech support for us - even on weekends - with extremely quick response time. That kind of support is really hard to find."

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John A. Best M.D., F.C.C.P.

Cardio-Pulmonary Associates

Precision Practice Management Client Testimonials Dr. John Best

“We are so pleased to have Precision managing our medical billing for us. They cleaned up all the mess caused by our previous billing company, working through revenue cycle problem after problem, digging in and finding solutions for us. They have greatly improved all of our internal processes and their monthly reporting is very complete and thorough. The practice gains greatly from the monthly meetings we have with them. Precision consistently works well with our office staff to get things done. I have to say things have never run so smoothly.”

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Michael Traurig, M.D., Physician

Vein Centers for Excellence of Greenville

Precision Practice Management Client Testimonials - Michael Traurig, M.D., Physician

"My practice has evolved over many years from internal medicine to the treatment of venous disease in Greenville, South Carolina. Precision started out providing practice management software support to my office, as well as medical claims billing services and they have always done an excellent job with that. Most exciting however, is my conversion to the Encite Clinical Manager electronic health records software. I have completely eliminated outside transcription in favor of EHR note creation capabilities, so that for all aspects of my practice I am much more quickly and effectively treating my patients and documenting my encounters. I would highly recommend Precision to any other doctor needing EMR software and/or medical billing services."

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Katherine Kreusser, M.D., Physician

Children's Clinic

Precision Practice Management Client Testimonials - Katherine Kreusser, M.D., Physician

"Our 8-provider pediatric practice is extremely busy and must be well organized in order to function at its best. Precision has been providing medical billing and practice management software and tech support to our practice from the very beginning and has greatly supported the growth of our practice over time. The monthly meetings they have with the doctors are extremely helpful in identifying opportunities for improvement and keeping us well-informed about issues affecting the business side of our practice. I would very much recommend Precision to other primary care physicians."

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Rick Sonne, Director of Managed Care and Physician Practices

St. Luke's Hospital

Precision Practice Management Client Testimonials - Rick Sonne, Director of Managed Care and Physician Practices

"Precision Practice Management provides comprehensive revenue cycle management support for 42 hospital departments and medical practices at St. Luke’s, including our Emergency and Urgent Care facilities. And they do so on two software platforms, Vitera (Medical Manager) and eClinical Works (ECW). Precision’s services have been tailored to complement the specific needs of each of our practices and departments, interfacing with St. Luke’s staff in a highly effective manner. Precision also satisfies the hospital’s unique financial reporting requirements. No matter what the challenge, Precision has always come through for us."

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