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Precision Practice Management Leadership Team

Mike Barnell

President & Chief Executive Officer

Mike Barnell, CEO of Precision Practice Management | Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

"Precision is dedicated to the concept that there is always a better way - that good is not good enough. We believe a highly trained, knowledgeable staff - dedicated to their work - is what it takes to make the business behind the practice as effective as it can be. The process of changing and improving never stops, it just continues at ever-higher levels. We are always there for our clients - with a new approach, a better way, another solution, and help when and where help is needed."


Renae S. Eichholz

Owner & Partner

Renae S. Eichholzl, Executive Vice President of Precision Practice Management | Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

"Medical billing is tremendously challenging; in part because it is technical in its nature, but also because it is repetitive and voluminous, making it hard to effectively manage. We organize the revenue cycle management process for the benefit of our clients, so that staff resources are more effective in getting results. We focus on making the revenue cycle management process accountable and 'visible', with detailed reporting and analysis of the work being done and results achieved. "


Alan Pulliam

Owner & Partner

Alan Pulliam, Vice President of Precision Practice Management | Medical Billing, Hospital Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

"Clinical software is now available that can literally transform the manner in which a medical practice functions on a day-to-day basis. Precision can help a hospital or medical practice group make the most of its choice of clinical (EHR) software, optimizing the software formatting to the specific workflow needs of each client. Wireless access, pen tablet mobility, multi-point scanning, hospital charge capture systems and advanced networking is transforming how medical practices serve patients, and Precision is intimately familiar with all these systems. Precision helps its clients become more profitable, and also helps each hospital and medical group client provide better medical care."


Shelly Paule

Vice President

Shelly Paule, Vice President of Precision Practice Management | Medical Billing, Hospital Billing and Revenue Cycle Management

"Medical Billing has evolved to be "Revenue Cycle Management." Expertly trained, experienced billing staff has always been a must, but today our staff must be highly organized and efficient in every aspect of the billing process. Workflow management and customized software applications are imperative. Precision is a paperless operation from front to back. We continually focus on how to create additional efficiencies in what we do, so that we can do more for our clients per dollar of cost."


Rose Shattuck

Vice President

Precision is committed to meeting its clients' needs with the highest level of expertise and the highest quality services that physicians have come to expect and deserve. Our loyalty is to our clients and our commitment is to assist physicians in achieving the goals and objectives they have established for their practice. Across all of Precision's divisions, we strive for excellence with an emphasis on open and clear communication, efficiency, flexibility and relationships built on trust. We establish and maintain long-term relationships based on serving our client needs and making significant contributions to our clients' success.

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Angela Willis

Director of Human Resources

"Precision's ability to deliver superior services for the benefit of its clients, whether tech support, billing services, software support or practice management consulting, is all based upon the superior talents and skills of Precision's staff. Precision has assembled, trained and organized itself to provide effective and consistent results for clients, with redundant capabilities in all the disciplines that are critical to providing excellent customer service. Precision's staff is what truly distinguishes us from the competition."


Fred Mills

Vice President

“Precision has a wide array of services to help physicians maximize their revenues without the worry of having to manage every detail. Precision assumes this role so that physicians can focus on their patients to provide the best care possible. There is an abundant variety of software packages available in the market place and Precision has chosen to work with the top best–in-class platforms to provide a total solution that fits the physician’s type and style of practice. We become your revenue cycle partner in this very turbulent time in healthcare to help free you to focus on your patients. “