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Oncology Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Services

Why Outsource Your Oncology Medical Billing?

When patients see an oncologist, they are often already dealing with health and financial hardship. Because of this, physicians know that it is especially important to focus as much time and attention as possible on their patients, and worries about accurate and patient-sensitive medical billing may become a distraction. As oncology practices face reductions in reimbursements, changes to coding and compliance rules, along with the imminent move to ICD-10, the costs and risks associated with in-house medical billing increase. At the same time, there is more room for billing errors as well as heightened necessity for efficiency and accuracy. Oncology practices can mitigate costs and risks of in-house billing and improve revenue streams by outsourcing medical billing and other revenue cycle management procedures to an experienced medical billing company. In addition, outsourcing medical billing can give oncologists more time to spend with their patients by eliminating worries about billing accuracy, compliance, and other revenue cycle issues.

Why Precision Practice Management?

Precision Practice Management has years of experience and expertise in a wide variety of medical specialties, including anesthesiology. At PPM, we understand that anesthesiologists have unique medical billing requirements, which we are prepared to meet with fully customizable medical practice management solutions delivered with an unparalleled attention to detail. Whether you are in need of partial or full outsourcing of your medical billing and revenue cycle management services, Precision can provide solutions that include coding, compliance, claims processing, denial management, clearinghouse edits, electronic health records (EHR) systems implementation, financial analysis, and reporting. At Precision Practice Management, our goal is to mitigate your risks, decrease your costs, and improve your revenue stream. For more about our range of medical practice management solutions, please visit Medical BillingFinancial ReportingRevenue Cycle Solutions, or Software SystemsFor additional information, or if you have questions, please Contact Us!

"Illinois Oncology is a large 3 location, 4 physician oncology practice that was well supported by Precision as we migrated from our base Medical Manager system to a full electronic health records system. Precision provides help-desk billing support and clearinghouse troubleshooting for our in-house billing staff, working well with our office on all revenue cycle management matters. They also provide us reliable software, network and tech support for our PCs and printers. Precision is overall extremely helpful in all medical billing and electronic health records (EHR) support."