SGR Cash Flow Warning

The legislative “patch” that is keeping a looming SGR 21% cut in Medicare payments from taking effect is about to expire on March 31. Recently, Kevin McCarthy (the Chairman of the Ways and Means Health Subcommittee) and Rep. Paul Ryan (the Chairman of the Ways and Means Committee) said that an SGR fix was “within reach” this year but that it wouldn’t get done by the time the current patch expires at the end of this month.

Despite this warning, it is possible that between now and March 31, Congress could adopt yet another short-term SGR patch and maintain the status quo. But if Congress does not act, there could be delays in receiving Medicare payments in April. It is recommended that practices with a significant portion of their receipts generated by way of Medicare claims should be aware of the cash flow implications posed by this issue and make plans accordingly.

Precision will continue reporting on the SGR legislation issue as it develops.