About Us: Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management Experts

At Precision, we believe best-in-class technology and revenue cycle processes are essential in order for hospitals and medical practices to succeed in the healthcare industry of tomorrow.

Medical Billing, RCM, & Medical Technology Solutions You Can Trust

Precision provides software solutions that have been carefully tested and successfully deployed at many hospitals and medical practices across the country, and Precision applies its proven medical billing and revenue cycle processes to these solutions to achieve exceptional financial results within compliance guidelines for all clients we serve. Testimonials of our success can be viewed by clicking here.

And Precision’s services are much broader than the typical medical billing company in the industry. Precision implements electronic health record systems, provides IT and network services, coding services, credentialing services, accounting services and human resources services to our hospital and medical practice clients.

Partner With Precision

As experts in nearly every medical specialty and on many of the most widely utilized electronic health records in the health care industry today, Precision is the complete and robust solution to the business needs of any health care organization, from the startup of a single-physician practice to the nation’s largest private hospitals. We look forward to working with you to ensure you are maximizing your reimbursements and operating at the highest level.


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