Wireless Infrastructure for Medical Practice Management, Medical Billing & Revenue Cycle Management

Create a Wireless Office with Mobile Computing

If you’re looking to go wireless and gain the advantages that pen tablets, iPads and cell phone apps (mobile computing) can provide, then Precision Practice Management is your answer. The advantages of going paperless are huge, though it seems a daunting task when you first look into it. Precision has all the expertise to help you select, install and operate the right wireless, scanning and archiving system that you need to make the conversion to a fully mobile, paperless environment.

Complete Mobile Computing Services for Your Medical Practice

We’ll help you manage your internet connections to optimum effectiveness. And you can count on Precision to provide expert support for all the systems you need to streamline your office efficiency by going wireless. From equipment selection and procurement, to installation and training, to ongoing support, Precision is the one-stop resource you need to take your mobile computing to the highest level of efficiency and productivity.

  • Full Mobile Computing Capabilities: Pen Tablet technology dramatically improves doctor and staff efficiency and frees you up to see more patients.
  • Conquering the Fear of Going Paperless: Precision has all the resources and expertise to help you choose, implement and operate the right wireless, scanning and archiving equipment.
  • Access Your Practice Management System from Home: Full mobility means you can access your vital records, in a highly secure wireless environment, from anywhere, any time.
  • Remote/Branch Office Interconnectivity: Connect all your branches in a seamless system that allows your offices to share critical functions and reduce redundancy.
  • 24/7 Help Desk: Precision’s team of experts is always available to offer immediate support to you and your staff