Medical Coding & Charge Coding Services

Precision offers a variety of coding and auditing services to assist Providers with their documentation of professional services. Our name says it all...Precision! Accurate and reliable coding can be expected when enlisting the assistance of the PPM coding team. Our team members are advanced, talented coders with experience in 30+ medical specialties. Utilizing PPM for your coding needs may be your best defense in preventing or resolving an audit situation.

Coding Services

PPM Coding services are provided by expert staff who carefully review documentation to ensure that accurate codes are billed. Coders identify and report existing weaknesses within the documentation that may limit medical necessity of the service. Our coding team receives ongoing education to ensure they are on top of changes in the medical field that influence code selection. Bring peace of mind to your Providers by enlisting the services of the PPM coding team.

Auditing Services

Coding and Documentation Education

Insurance carriers have discovered that Providers are often in the dark about accurately and clearly describing a patient encounter. Precision excels at breaking down the guidelines in an easy to understand method so that Providers are better equipped to document and choose accurate visit levels. Coding education can be provided in an individual or group setting.

Monthly or Quarterly Coding and Documentation Audits

Are documentation audits part of your Practice compliance plan? Precision provides an excellent resource for auditing Provider documentation that includes Provider specific feedback. A consistent review ensures that your Providers are documenting clear, concise notes that support the service billed to the carrier.

Insurance Carrier Audit Support

An insurance carrier audit can be an overwhelming experience. Precision is available to assist you from the beginning to the end of the audit process. Should an audit result uncover issues related to code selection or documentation, Precision can provide a recommended improvement plan to prevent audit occurrences in the future.

Accounts Receivable (A/R) Analysis with regard to Coding

Practices are constantly challenged by the need to efficiently and effectively manage A/R. Utilizing PPM experts to review and identify coding related issues that are causing bottlenecks in your A/R can improve your bottom line. Let PPM assist in identifying carrier requirements having a negative effect on your Practice.

Precision Practice Management Coding Services Pricing

Coding Services

Coding of CPT and/or Diagnosis codes. Medical Records will be reviewed and CPT/DX assigned based on documentation completed and signed by Provider. General coding feedback including trends and habits of Providers will be provided. Detailed (patient specific) feedback can also be provided. Pricing based on number of providers, types of services, and level of feedback requested and can be based on hourly or FTE rates. Call for pricing.

Auditing Services

Detailed Audit of Provider/Practice Medical Records

PPM will review 2 medical records per Provider per service type (office, hospital, nursing home, etc.). Details of audit will be provided at the completion of the audit. Call for pricing.

Initial and Quarterly Audit of Provider/Practice Medical Records

PPM will review 2 medical records per Provider per service type initially and every quarter thereafter. Details of audits will be provided at the completion of each audit. Call for pricing.

Coding Education

PPM will audit medical records based on code utilization and/or request of Practice and present results of audit via online presentation or in person coding education sessions to Providers. Call for pricing.