Electronic Health Record System (EHR) Training Services

If you're concerned about the training and learning curve required to introduce a sophisticated new software system into your practice, then Precision Practice Management is the partner you need. The installation of Precision's suite of software options is made as painless and seamless as possible, and the learning curve to get up to speed on the daily use of these systems couldn't be easier.

EHR Pre-Orientation

Precision will give you and your staff a complete pre-orientation prior to going live so your team will understand the basics on operating Precision-supported systems in short order. Depending on your specific needs and the size of your staff, you might require a group training class or two, held on site at your location. In some cases, additional 1-on-1 training is appropriate.

Live EHR Training for Your Team

But nothing is more important and valuable in learning new software systems than skilled, hands-on training, running live with real data as your staff makes the conversion. When everything is ready for the launch to your new system, Precision's team of experts will be there with you at your office to assist with live training, ensuring that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

You'll be impressed with the user-friendly features of NextGen, Greenway and Encite software and with just how short the learning curve actually is. Most offices are getting benefit from their systems on the very first day, and have a total handle of all the basics within a few days. Precision will be there every step of the way to help you get the most out of your investment in new technology.

Customized EHR Training Services

The specific order and manner in which staff members are trained and the progression of that training will be customized depending on the individual needs of each person to be trained and the software being implemented.  It is most common to commence implementation of practice management software first, and fully establish that software within the practice, before incorporating the functionality of clinical (EHR) software. 

Precision has successfully undertaken many, many such software deployments in this manner, and it consistently works.  Precision proceeds with its training as expeditiously as practical but as patiently as necessary to fully train each member of your staff.  In that way, Precision's training really sinks in and facilitates best use of your software functionality over the long term.

"My pediatric practice, Children's Clinic, has worked closely with Precision for many years in an effective partnership that has contributed greatly to the management of our practice. In order to best serve patients, the "business side" of things must run extremely well. Precision appeals insurance low pays on drugs and provider services, communicates coding updates and specialty-related and billing changes, tracks office collection of copays and patient balances, compares our coding levels to national distributions and identifies our denial and rejection issues, to name just a few. Monthly meetings with Precision allow us to review month end reports, identify opportunities for improvement and constantly "raise the bar" on our performance as a practice. In today's difficult economic environment, Precision is a business partner we can count on."