Medical Practice Network and Domain Solutions

Precision Offers a Complete Network Solution

If you need a skilled partner to help you design, install and manage your network systems so that all your equipment integrates together seamlessly… then Precision Practice Management is your answer. The problem with most medical software and medical billing providers is that they offer only some of the solutions you need. They don’t bring you any assistance in making their systems fully integrate with outside vendors, third party systems or filling “gaps” that inevitably appear between software applications they or others provide.

Precision has solved that problem and maintains a highly qualified and skilled group of technical experts to help you with absolutely all of your software, network and internet domain functionality. From server deployment and maintenance to data security and virus protection, to wireless connectivity and multi-location networking, to disaster recovery, to all aspects of your internet and website requirements, you can count on Precision to cover all your network computing and system needs. Yes, all of them, from one highly qualified provider, Precision Practice Management.

Medical Practice Network & Domain Services

  • Server Deployment & Maintenance: Precision can help you select, procure and set up your server (or server grade PC) to appropriately meet your requirements.
  • Data Security: You’ll operate in a highly secure environment (including via the internet), be fully HIPAA compliant and technically secure.
  • Virus Protection: Precision will help you stay on top of your virus protection needs, with continual updates to protect against new threats.
  • Wireless Connectivity: Go truly paperless in a secure wireless environment…whether you operate from a single or multiple locations.
  • Hosted Email with Full HIPPA Compliant Security Encryption and SPAM filtering: Let PPM manage and secure your email.
  • Secure Text and Instant Messaging: Have peace of mind in knowing that all your text and instant messages are secure and fully HIPAA compliant.
  • Disaster Recovery: You must be prepared to make a full system recovery from any technical disaster: Precision has all the expertise to secure your environment and provide complete backup and restoration functions and procedures.
  • Internet: Precision will help you manage your internet connectivity to ensure you’re getting the bandwidth and reliability you need.
  • Hosted File Sharing: Push documents to PPM's secure storage and have access to them from anywhere at any time.
  • Offsite Backup and Archive: Whether you need PPM to be your primary backup destination or secondary offsite backup, we can manage and protect your data just as if it were at your office.
  • Hosted Microsoft SQL Server: Does your practice have an applciation that requires and SQL database? Take it to Cloud PPM and never worry about software and hardware costs again.
  • 24/7 Help Desk: Precision’s team of experts is always available to offer immediate support to you and your staff.