Medical Billing Services

Reasons to Outsource Your Medical Billing

Whether you're looking to outsource all of your revenue cycle management functions or just some of them, Precision Practice Management has the experience and expertise to help you stay on top of the constantly changing landscape in this most important area. Precision can successfully address all areas of revenue cycle management, from compliance, credentialing, coding, claims processing, clearinghouse edits and electronic lockbox to claim denial management, reporting, financial analyses and more.

Your in-house staff may be doing a tremendous job in managing some or most aspects of your medical billing, but your office staff has many other important clinical functions to perform. Sometimes billing matters receive lower priority and suffer as a result. Precision's medical billing experts are focused entirely on medical billing and nothing else; that's all they do. And that focused experience means that for most clients, Precision's expertise helps them realize net benefits that far outweigh the investment made in outsourcing medical billing to Precision.

Specifically in the area of denial and accounts receivable management, Precision can provide exceptional results. It is in this labor intensive, resource-demanding area that a significant reimbursement result can be achieved. Count on Precision Practice Management to help you significantly streamline your accounts receivable and denial management, and dramatically improve the efficiency of your cash flow.

  • High Level Clinical Consulting: If you're performing some or all of your medical billing functions in-house, Precision can provide help desk and highly skilled support to your billing staff.
  • Partial or Complete Medical Billing Outsourcing: If you have a specific aspect of your medical billing that your staff does not have time to perform well, Precision can become an extension of your staff and expertly perform for you some or all of your medical billing tasks, greatly increasing your resourcefulness in pursuing reimbursements due to your medical practice.
  • Clearinghouse / Lockbox Interface: Precision can seamlessly interface with these critical outside systems to streamline medical claims submissions and payment receipts and processing.
  • Patient Balance Processing: Precision provides effective and comprehensive processing of patient statements and delinquency letters, refunds processing and the collection agency interface.
  • Custom Financial Reports: Get reports designed to show information the way you like to see it. Whether it is regular monthly reporting, on-demand information gathering, or project work demands, Precision makes sure you get the reporting you need to support decision-making at your medical practice.

Medical Billing and Revenue Cycle Management for a Wide Variety of Medical Specialties 

Precision Practice Management has extensive experience in medical billing services and revenue cycle management for a wide array of medical specialties, from Anesthesiology and Cardiology to Radiology and Vascular Surgery. We know that each medical specialty is unique, and as such, has specific needs that must be addressed in the billing and revenue cycle management processes. At Precision, we take pride in knowing your medical specialty inside and out so that we can provide your medical practice with the best value possible. Our areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

To see a complete list of all of Precision Practice Management's medical specialties, please visit our Medical Specialties page.

"Precision Practice Management provides comprehensive revenue cycle management support for 42 hospital departments and medical practices at St. Luke’s, including our Emergency and Urgent Care facilities. And they do so on two software platforms, Vitera (Medical Manager) and eClinical Works (ECW). Precision’s services have been tailored to complement the specific needs of each of our practices and departments, interfacing with St. Luke’s staff in a highly effective manner. Precision also satisfies the hospital’s unique financial reporting requirements. No matter what the challenge, Precision has always come through for us."