Optimizing Your Electronic Health Records System (EHR) for Meaningful Use

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Making the Most of Your EHR Software

As Electronic Health Record software becomes more prolific and well-established, the challenge today is not so much the specific implementation of EHR software itself but making best use of that software.

Achieving “Meaningful Use” is the first hurdle, and therefore Precision’s first point of focus as we implement electronic health record systems for our clients. As government standards increase and change over time, Precision dedicates substantial resources toward assisting its clients with satisfying meaningful use criteria and earning the associated financial incentives.

Maximizing Your Return on Investment for EHR Technology

At the same time, Precision ensures the investments made in dollars and soft cost resources to achieve meaningful use are supported by effective revenue cycle management, and the implementation of electronic health record software systems has a very significant impact on revenue cycle workflow and therefore revenue cycle reimbursements.

This most important aspect of converting providers to the electronic healthcare systems of the future is often overlooked, but there is no reason that Part B reimbursements cannot be optimized as substantial transition is undertaken in EHR and practice management software platforms.

The key to success in this area is having a focused, experienced and talented resource committed to managing revenue cycle issues throughout the transition. Precision is not only an expert in revenue cycle management, but is highly experienced in electronic health records software and support. Precision brings that combination together for clients whose goal is to properly build and develop its technical infrastructure but do so while maintaining and maximizing profitability through that process.