The Benefits of Patient Payment Portals

The popularity of paying bills online has increased significantly as technology continues to advance. Paying an outstanding balance electronically has become both convenient and cost-effective. In the healthcare industry, this is especially true. Patients can now access patient payment portals to view their patient statement, set up a payment plan, and pay their bill all at the click of a button. Reminders can also be set up via email or text message to make monthly payments. As a result, healthcare professionals can receive payments faster, reduce inbound patient calls, gain insightful reporting, and, importantly, remain PCI compliant with the utilization of an online patient payment portal. One study shows approximately 50 percent of U.S. hospitals and a growing number of private physician offices are utilizing some type of patient payment portal technology. Is your practice accepting patient payments in a PCI compliant manner? Please don’t hesitate to contact Precision if you would like assistance transitioning to a patient payment portal.