IT Security Solutions – Deploying Script-Blocking Programs

Healthcare professionals often engage in online information-gathering activities. Such activities inevitably lead to internet browsing at websites that deploy online advertising methods.

Online advertising is prevalent today and there is nothing unsavory about a company using the expansive reach of the Internet to inform the public of its goods and services. For example, everyone is familiar with banner and click ads that grace websites – these banner ads are actually executable files written in a scripting language. Simply stated, they are programs that run code on your computer.

Importantly, companies and their advertising partners are not always aware when malicious code has compromised the programs operating their online advertisements. Compromised advertisements are one of the top ways that potentially unwanted and malicious programs can become installed on your computer. To combat this problem, deploying a script-blocking extension within your browser is a good practice to protect your computer.

Script-blocking has come a long way in recent years. Major browsers offer easy plug-in extensions that can be added from their respective web stores. Script Defender for Google Chrome, No Script for Mozilla Firefox, and JavaScript Blocker for Apple’s Safari browser are just a few examples of script blockers that are available.

These programs are easily customizable and have intuitive user interfaces. And they permit you to run scripts on sites you trust and block them on sites you do not trust. Please contact Precision’s Helpdesk at or 314-881-5299 so we can help you take the next step to secure your computer.