Case Study for Dr. Matthew Concannon

Starting A Private Medical Practice

For many years, Dr. Matthew Concannon worked for the University of Missouri Hospital in Columbia, with his specialty being plastic, reconstructive and orthopedic hand surgery. Later, Dr. Concannon established his own private practice and chose Precision to get started. “I wanted a feature-rich, web-based, stable billing platform to work from,” said Dr. Concannon. “And I knew, pretty much from the start, that I would be transitioning to an EHR system as soon as my new practice was solidly under way.”

Precision trained Dr. Concannon’s staff on use of the EHR. “The appointment scheduler is easy to use but flexible and comprehensive," said Brielle VanMatre, front desk specialist for Dr. Concannon's practice. “I can easily take incoming phone calls, book appointments and also manage patients waiting at the front desk. Basically…I love it!”

A Complete Medical IT Infrastructure & EHR Solution

Precision completely installed all of the necessary hardware and took responsibility for all hardware, network, and Internet support. The wireless access points, scanning equipment and the EHR server were all deployed on site. Precision commenced providing medical billing services in conjunction with training Dr. Concannon’s office staff.

While the practice management system and all medical billing workflow were being fully implemented, formatting was being established for the practice’s software system. “I had created my own note generation system,” said Dr. Concannon, “customized to a workflow that I developed, and I did not want to give up any of the benefits of that system. Precision was able to customize my EHR to fully replace my previous system and also give me and my staff the broader benefits of a truly complete electronic health records system, including patient flow tracking, electronic patient charts, charge capture download, task management and much more. I kept the best of what I had before but now I have so many other capabilities available to me.”

Customization & Efficiency for Better Patient Management

“The bottom line is that I am consistently faster in creating my notes than I ever was before, and that efficiency gives me more time for patient care and increases my overall productivity” says Dr. Concannon. “And whenever I come up with a change to what I am doing, I call Precision and they make the update for me or in some cases I can do it myself. Precision keeps me totally supported in all that I do, so I can make best use of my time treating patients. That is their job and they have never let me down."