Case Study for Women’s Care of Southern Illinois

Unwavering EHR Support

“Precision had supported our EHR software since before the turn of the century,” joked Jo Bossart, practice administrator for Women’s Care. “And they have provided us comprehensive billing services for many, many years. Precision has taken us through changes in requirements. Whatever comes next, we are sure that Precision can help us handle it.”

Converting to a New EHR System

“At first, we were worried about whether we could make the conversion to a new EHR and get a positive return on that investment,” said Dr. Trevor Lineberry. “And I was concerned about whether it would slow me down. We have a very busy practice of 4 doctors, seeing more than 120 patients a day.”

Precision worked with Women’s Care on a long-term implementation plan, converting one doctor and one process at a time, until all doctors were fully up and running on the new system. “We had so much workflow to manage, and so many interfaces, and are so busy,” said Dr. William Chadwick. “But Precision took it one step at a time - they interfaced our new EHR to our ultrasound equipment and our bone density machine - they even set up a separate wireless connection in Labor & Delivery so that we have access while we are in the hospital. It is now clear that we could not go back to a paper system and be as efficient as we are today.”

Customizing the EHR System for Maximum Efficiency

Precision developed custom screens for Women's Care (including ACOG), facilitated electronic prescription writing, and incorporated patient flow tracking, vital to managing a busy office. "Our new system is very helpful in many small ways," said Jo Bossart. "But all those seemingly small advantages really add up over time, especially across the volume of patients we serve."

“Moving to a web-based system was a big jump for us,” said Jo Bossart. “Our staff now really enjoys the capabilities of our new EHR system - it is a very user friendly software that interfaces perfectly. Charges electronically download into our EHR, and we have noticed that the combined system has had a very positive effect on our claims processing. We are now able to keep our back office workflow moving as it should, in all respects.”

Better Patient Management & Improved Financial Results

All of this ties into billing services as well. “Precision operates as a branch office to Women's Care,” said Shelly Paule, Vice President at Precision. “We can immediately get the medical records or patient insurance information we need which means we don't have to bother the staff at Women’s Care. We can re-bill a claim or file an appeal more quickly than ever before."

“This system has more than paid for itself,” said Jo Bossart. “We would never go back!”